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Mon-Fri 10.30 - 2.00pm by appointment only

COVID-19 VIRUS-No Face-to-Face Appointments Until Further Notice

In the interests of protecting the health of Irish Citizens and the Staff of the Honorary Consulate, until further notice the Honorary Consulate of Ireland WA will not be able to facilitate face-to-face meetings.

We are still processing passport application and related matters like delivery of new passports. We respectfully ask that you post your passport applications to Honorary Consulate of Ireland Suite 165 / 580 Hay St Perth WA 6000 Or hand deliver the applications to our post box at: Ground Level Suite 165 / 580 Hay Street Perth. We will contact you by email and telephone as soon as possible after receiving your application. We will also email you re delivery of new passports.

The Honorary Consulate is continuing to help Irish citizens and we are prioritising family emergencies and travel issues. Please be patient if your matter is not resolved as quickly as you would like. We are here to help. Please contact us on: 6557 5802 OR info@consulateofirelandwa.com.au